MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK


Do you want to win the lottery ? Who doesn't ? Don't leave it to luck. Take matters into your own hands and try the Psychic Sid appproach. If you have any psychic ability at all, this book will show you how to harness it to try and improve your chances of winning.
It includes meditation techniques used in psychic development circles, as well as ten different methods for selecting your  winning numbers. Find the right one for you and it could present you with a six number win and a seven figure cheque.
We can't guarantee you'll win every time. It isn't that easy however you do it. Psychic work can be as hit and miss as any other method. Just getting three numbers psychically is difficult enough and requires a 50% success rate. Getting all the numbers is a real challenge.  But if you have some latent psychic ability and tap into it, you could have more wins, more often. Perhaps even the big one....and you only need to win that once.
Does your psychic sixth sense tell you to buy this book and give it a go ?  It could be your lucky day.

See if the book will be lucky for you. Touch the cover picture on the screen with one hand while you shut your eyes and write down a line of lottery numbers with the other. If you get a small win, it's worth buying the book and trying for a bigger one.

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Available as a downloadable e-book or a paperback.